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How to set up Opencl device in Houdini

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

For whom in trouble to configure opencl in Houdini, it’s needed to write the GPU card configuration in the correct order inside houdini.env file.

The Houdini artist should use the windows shell inside Houdini to query information about the available opencl devices: Menu Windows > Shell.

The windows shell opened:

Then, the Houdini artist should type hgpuinfo -l to list all available opencl devices in the system:

The returned device list:

In this example, the artist desires to use the opencl CUDA, of course. If the artist is getting error messages when querying about the Houdini opencl configuration using the hgpuinfo -c command, then the artist needs to write the opencl configuration in the houdini.env file.

The Opencl configuration must be written in the following order: first the device type (in this example, GPU); second the hardware vendor name (in this example, NVIDIA Corporation); third the device number (in this example, 0). Note that, usually, the device number will be 0 (zero).

The Opencl configuration written in the correct order:

The Houdini artist can check if the configuration is right using the hgpuinfo -c command. If the device is listed without error messages, then the configuration is correct and the artist can use the opencl node without problems:

The result if the opencl was set up correctly:

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