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SLICK3D.ART WAS SELECTED AS ONE OF THE TOP 20 3D ART BLOGS ON THE WEB BY FEEDSPOT was selected as one of the Top 20 3D Art Blogs on the web by FeedSpot. It is a great victory to me. It is a huge effort in very hard times. Besides, encompasses my love for design and writing that started in my teen years. I am very grateful for the recognition that was a total surprise. Click here to go to FeedSpot Top 20 list or click on the image down below.

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These are 3D volumetric look-up tables to be used in a post process volume material slot. There are 108 luts available, with the look and mood from pop movies as Alien, Star Wars, 300, Interstellar, Jurassic Park, Game of Thrones and many others.
Each volumetric Lut was created from a high quality .exr texture, completely ready to be used with ACEScg colorspace.
The artist has the option to tweak the luminosity amount, saturation amount and contrast amount directly in the volumetric material. This gives the artist an easy and total control when applying the Lut to the current scene luminosity setup.
The Luts are ready to be use in Unreal Engine version 5.1 and above. The artist gets a .zip archive that can be extracted and used in any project. Besides, there is a tutorial explaining how to set up and use the Luts, and a reference list showing the look and feel of each Lut material.


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