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SLICK3D.ART WAS SELECTED AS ONE OF THE TOP 20 3D ART BLOGS ON THE WEB BY FEEDSPOT was selected as one of the Top 20 3D Art Blogs on the web by FeedSpot. It is a great victory to me. It is a huge effort in very hard times. Besides, encompasses my love for design and writing that started in my teen years. I am very grateful for the recognition that was a total surprise. Click here to go to FeedSpot Top 20 list or click on the image down below.

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You can acquire gorgeous and high quality art prints, canvas prints, aluminum prints, acrylic glass pints, disk prints, T-shirts, throw blankets and throw pillows. All of them with terrific art  and good taste.  Take a look at

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Support small business!

If any content of this page helps you in your artistic creations, consider to make a donation. In doing so, I will be able to do more free contents for you. You can click on the QR code image on the right to open up the payment window or just scanned it.

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